I want to personally welcome you to Dillon Natural Health.  Your willingness to make informed decisions can and will affect your ability to establish and maintain a healthful and energetic lifestyle. 

Chiropractic and Clinical Nutrition became my life's work because of my own personal experience.  A caring and dedicated chiropractor in Greensboro, NC successfully treated my debilitating headaches and opened my eyes to an amazing profession, whereby I would be able to help others with their pain and suffering.  

Eight years of coursework in Human Biology and Biochemistry has provided me with the structural and chemical base necessary for proper and comprehensive diagnoses.  I continue to learn about the incredible healing capacities of the body not only from cutting edge medical seminars and other physicians, but also from each client .

I have since completed extensive studies in Clinical NutritionApplied Kinesiology and Acupuncture.  I focus my practice on the individual and I'm committed to working with each client to determine the best way to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.