Eating wholesome foods and following a good diet is sometimes not enough to achieve health.  It may be necessary to take your wellness program a bit further by finding and eliminating foods that negatively impact your immune system.  Many of these foods negatively affect the body because of the genetically modified or hydrogenated oils which prolong shelf life.  Processed foods have been stripped of the essential nutrients our bodies require to break down food and assimilate its nutrients.


Digestive Disturbance (Bloatings, IBS, Constipation)
Sinus Congestion
Frequent Colds/Infections
Acne, Eczema, Rash, Itching
Inability to Lose Weight
Food Cravings
Body Aches/Slow Recovery Times


Food Sensitivities do not usually have an immediate or obvious reaction.  The reaction may be delayed up to 72hrs.  People with these types of sensitivities often have chronic health problems that cannot be linked to anything obvious;  i.e. Sinus congestion, Digestive or Skin problems.

Often, one craves foods that might cause such symptoms.  Eliminating foods that cause irritation for a few months will allow the immune system to regain normal functions.  After the digestive track has healed, many of these foods may be introduced back into your diet on a controlled basis.



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