I have had chronic shoulder pain spanning more than 15 years.  The physical adjustments are so important to keep my body in proper alignment but  the key piece of healing for me is acupuncture.  While  I have been working with Jennifer for more than 5 years, I started seeing her weekly when my shoulder flared up again a few months ago.  Within a few sessions I was pain free and able to continue my work and a regular exercise routine.  I look forward to my regular sessions to keep my body strong and healthy.  Thank you Jennifer for being so knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to what you do!  
- Kelly S, Charlotte NC

I first came to Dr. Jennifer Dillon 5 years ago as I had been struggling with adult acne.  Through her expertise, food sensitivity testing, healthy diet & supplements customized for me, my skin cleared up completely!  This page could not contain all the comfort I have received from my health issues through her excellent care.  
- Donna S, Charlotte NC

Working with Jennifer Dillon has helped my life in so many ways.  Not only does she truly understand the body and how things are connected, she intuitively knows the bigger picture.  She continues to meet people where they are and gives them practical tools and advice that are easy to implement in one's daily life.  I first went to see Jennifer Dillon about chronic hip pain which I'd had for over 10 years.  Now it's been over 10 years since I've had any hip pain.  Through the years of working with and knowing Jennifer, I've reached out to her often for everything (from dizziness, heart burn, recouping from broken bones, advice about my grand children to advice about my son after he was in a motorcycle accident).  All in all, she's an amazing Doctor and Kinesiologist that has helped (and continues to help) not only me, but my family too!  
- Lynne C, Charlotte NC

Last year I had a goal of running my last marathon, it had been 8 years since my prior marathon and the training started out very painful as injuries started early.  I thought I wouldn't be able to continue training or reach my goal.  Dr. Dillon had kept me healthy and strong for my previous 3 marathons so I immediately reached back out to her.  She set an appointment that very day.  She took ample time to sit and just listen to me - about my running, my nutrition, my job and how it impacted my body and other areas of my life where small changes could be made to improve my overall health. Not only did she take time to listen but she also took time to analyze my body and work on all areas to ensure everything was functioning.  She never rushed through our appointments and made time to see me every week until I crossed the finish line!  Her holistic approach and expertise in nutrition, supplements, healthy living and chiropractic care is excellent.  I have recommended her to numerous friends and she has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals and stay strong and healthy!  I continue to see her for advice and care - she has made a huge impact in my life and I am grateful for her service!!!  
- Heather J, Charlotte NC

I had read over the years about acupuncture but never experienced it.  I was very active for seven decades until my knees began to cause me problems.  I visited an orthopedic doctor who confirmed that my knees had a few years left before knee replacement would be needed.  Over the next 2 years I received two shots of cortisone in my left knee which helped.  As I was going in for a third time the prognosis was the left knee should be replaced.  It would be several months before the operation could be scheduled.  So what could I do to alleviate the discomfort in the left knee until I had the replacement operation?  This is when I gave acupuncture a try.Boy what a great decision that was.  I started with one visit a week.  Within 3 weeks there was relief.  I kept the treatment right up until the operation.  Now I am still doing the treatments to support better healing.  I have been pain free during the recovery process using only ice if there was swelling with no pain medicine needed.  Based on the results I will continue acupuncture until my right knee gets replaced.  I wish I had found acupuncture years ago.  
- Bob M, Charlotte NC

Jen Dillon is not just your ordinary chiropractor.  She also specializes in applied kinesiology and clinical nutrition.  In other words she works on bones, muscles, connective tissue, diet and preventative therapies.  She has put me back together again so many times, I have lost count.  As a scholarship athlete, avid outdoors woman, gardener and owner of Balanced Body Personal Training studio, I have not only had my own personal success stories with her, but I have recommended her to my clients, family, friends and acquaintances.  Without exception, all have had successful outcomes.  Jen is truly a master in her field, and she is super cool on top of that.  She is literally the rockstar of Chiropractic Care.  So, if you pulled a hammy, tweaked your lower back or just need some Nutritional Counseling, she should be your next stop.  
- Alison, Charlotte NC