Thermal Imaging or Thermography is a non-invasive way to visualize the health of a tissue. Thermography helps to detect risk factors early to allow time to make a change before a diagnosis can occur.

Thermography detects temperature change in the body.  If an area is not receiving proper blood supply or proper nerve impulses, it will appear blue (cold) on the image.  A pinched nerve would be an example of a blue reading.  Hot spots (red) symbolize inflamed tissue.  This indicates tissue damage, potential diseases or possible cancers.  Since each individual has their own 'thermal fingerprint,' an initial baseline session is recommended.  Depending on the patient's objective, the results and/or family history, a yearly scan may be necessary. 

Thermography is non-invasive, painless, FDA approved and is used for diagnosing & monitoring conditions and injuries including:

Back Injuries             Breast Disease
Arthritis                     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Headaches               Disc Disease
Nerve Damage         Inflammatory Pain
Unexplained Pain     Skin Cancer
Fibromyalgia             Referred Pain Syndrome
RDS (CRPS)                Sprain/Strain
Dental & TMJ             Stroke Screening
Artery Inflammation   Whiplash
Vascular Disease       Digestive Disorders


Breast Thermography is an essential addition to breast health screening because of its ability to monitor physiological changes in the tissue, such as hormone imbalances and ramifications of a person's lifestyle choices.  These scans are performed with ZERO adverse effect to the body, unlike traditional mammograms which include radiation and breast compression.

If the report is abnormal or shows that a hormone imbalance is affecting the breast tissue, additional diagnostic imaging may be suggested. 

These are thermography photos of a client, one year apart.  The reddish color indicates a lot of inflammation and congestion in the tissues.  This is an alarming report indicating unfavorable tissue changes.  The client understood her lifestyle choices had caused this inflammation and changed her diet as needed with 12 months of endocrine support.  RESULTS:  The inflammation is minimal and the tissue feels much better to her.

Signs of Hormonal Imbalance:

* Acne or oily skin                                            
* Irregular periods
* Irritability
* Bloating                                                            
* Loss of muscle mass
* Loss of scalp hair
* Low Libido
* Bone Loss                                                        
* Memory Lapses
* Mood Swings
* Nervousness
* Decreased Fertility                                          
* Night Sweats
* Depression                                                      
* Poor concentration
* Excess facial and body hair                            
* Sleep Disturbances
* Tender/Fibrocystic breast
* Heavy or painful periods                                
* Urinary Incontinence
* Vaginal Dryness
* Hot flashes                                                      
* Weight gain

Breast Thermography is recommended yearly for women with any of these risk factors:

• Obesity and Belly Fat
• Use of ANY Hormone Replacement Therapy
• History of ANY Birth Control use
• Hormone Imbalance
• Fibrocystic or Dense Breast Tissue
• Family History of Hormone Related Cancers
• Personal History of Hormone Related Cancers
• Eating Commercially or Conventionally Grown Foods
• Exposure to Xeno-estrogens in Environmental Chemicals/Products 

Many women face conditions such as fibrocystic breast, estrogen dominance and PCOS.  This is visually seen on the scan and reported by the radiologist.  From these findings, a unique protocol of dietary changes, removal of endocrine disruptors in the home and environment and whole food supplements that feed and nourish the female endocrine system may be suggested.  Simple changes create profound improvements resulting in a balanced healthy endocrine system.



Initial Breast Scan $300 (5 images with 3 month/5 image follow-up)

Annual Breast Scan  $175 (5 image series)                                

Full Body Scan  $350 (20 images)

Full Body with Breast Scan Follow-up  $450 (20 images with 3 month/5 image follow-up)

Region of Interest (Thyroid, Face, Abdominal, Extremities)  $175 (5 images)