Women's Health and Hormone Balance

A women's body and hormone balance is much like that of an angelic choir.  If all is in tune, it sings a beautiful melody of health and emotional stability.  If the “ugly sister” sings, everyone shrills. 

Our environment, dietary choices and exercise regiments play an intricate role in our hormones.  Pesticides and herbicides block our receptors sites.  Many cosmetics, lotions and cleaning supplies contain these endocrine disruptors as well.  Over time these accumulate in our tissues, blocking our bodies hormones and creating imbalances which could result in any number of symptoms.  


Signs of Hormonal Imbalances:

Acne or oily skin              Loss of Scalp Hair
Bloating                            Low Libido
Decreased Fertility          Mood swings
Depression                       Night sweats
Excess facial/body hair    Poor concentration
Hot Flashes                       Sleep disturbances
Heavy/Painful Periods      Uterine Fibroids
Irregular periods               Vaginal dryness
Irritability                            Weight gain
Nervousness                     Tender or fibrocystic breast 


From these discoveries, a unique protocol of whole food supplements (these feed & nourish the endocrine glands), Dietary changes, removal of Estrogen-based products, Acupuncture and/or Food Allergy elimination can often remedy the condition and create profound improvements in health.  That beautifully tuned melody that we strive for is Optimal Health - FREE from Monthly Menstrual discomforts, Pre-Menopausal & Menopausal symptoms.  Are You Singing Your Best Melody?


Initial Consultation  $250